Important Tips For Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments

27 July 2017
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The kitchen is a highly functional room, being the site of food preparation, clean up and even dining. The kitchen is also often a gathering place for friends and family beyond dining. As such, you want your window treatments to be as stylish as they are functional. Choose window treatments that stand up to the conditions of your kitchen while providing an attractive profile.

Consider Utility Needs

Besides decoration, the main purposes of window treatments are privacy and light control. Consider how much of both you want in your kitchen. Concerning the former, Home and Garden TV suggests turning on your kitchen light at night and going outside to see how exposed the room is. Additionally, the site points out your window treatments will have to withstand heat and moisture, especially the ones near the sink or stove. Keep that in mind when you're considering materials. For example, opt for vinyl blinds over wood, or choose water-resistant fabrics.

Match the Existing Décor

A hallmark of interior design is keeping décor cohesive. This comes through in palette and material choices. What's more, you'll want to stay within your décor style. For instance, if you have a country-style kitchen, consider hanging cute café curtains in a style and pattern that match your backsplash and cabinetry. This is a better option than naturalistic bamboo shades or ultra-modern cellular shades.

Try Pattern and Color

With that in mind, sometimes your kitchen décor can present a neutral backdrop, especially if it's focused on functionality. Your window treatments might provide the only embellishment. Roman shades are an ideal option for kitchen window treatments because they fit to the window and come in a wide variety of color and pattern options. Consider using this to your advantage by choosing Roman shades that offer a bright spot of color in a neutral landscape or ones with a vibrant pattern. However, the pattern can still relate to your décor. For instance, if you have a modern chef's kitchen, consider checks for your pattern because geometric shapes are characteristic of the style.

Add Texture

If adding color and patterning with your window treatments isn't an option, consider adding texture. For example, you could layer the draperies. Start with a light control option, such as shades or blinds, in a neutral color. Top this with a valance either in the same color or a deeper value of the color. Look for fabric that has weight but will still stand up to humidity. Such a window treatment adds visual interest to your kitchen décor without drawing too much attention to itself.

Adorn your kitchen windows in style while adhering to the utility of the room. Look at window treatment options, such as at Shady Lady, for more ideas.