A Useful Guide When Looking For Picture Frames

7 February 2018
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An important part of a picture is the frame that it goes inside. After all, it provides the picture with support and adds to its aesthetics. The next time you go out looking for picture frames for your artwork or family photos, keep this guide in mind. 

New vs. Used 

As far as the frame condition, you can either buy new or used. New picture frames are in pristine condition, so you can rest assured they will adequately protect your photos. They are also visually perfect. You will have to pay additional costs, though.

Conversely, used frames give you the chance to save a lot of money. There are many great sources for used frames, such as online suppliers, garage sales, and thrift stores. Unlike new frames, you will need to thoroughly assess used frames before purchasing. Take into account a frame's structural integrity and condition of materials. You'll also want to bargain with the seller if slight damage is present. 

Color Choice

The color possibilities for picture frames today are seemingly limitless, especially if you choose one made out of wood. Lighter tones are ideal if you're trying to bring warmth to your photos that are more family-oriented. Darker hues, such as black, can be used to create a dramatic visual contrast. 

Metal frames also offer color variety, including silver, black and gray. Whatever color you ultimately decide on, make sure it doesn't draw too much attention away from the photos. They are what you're trying to accentuate, after all. 


If your picture is oddly shaped or extremely large, you may need to have the picture frame custom made. Now, this will cost more than standard frames, but at least you can make sure your picture or artwork fits inside the frame perfectly.

You can get more creative with custom frames as well. You could, for example, have the frame formed in a unique shape, or have intricate designs etched on the side. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you give the frame manufacturer the correct dimensions. You'll want to provide both length and width dimensions of whatever you're trying to display on the wall.

There are so many different types of wall frames you can get today. When trying to narrow down your list of possible options, take into account specifications that are relevant to you. Then you won't have to second-guess your decision once the frame is set up in your home.