Custom Make Your Loved One's Cabinets

19 April 2022
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If you plan to makeover a disabled loved one's kitchen but need to install special cabinets for them, consult an interior design company soon. An interior design company can design, create, and accessorize the best cabinets for your loved one. Learn why your loved one needs new cabinets and how an interior design company can help you below.

What's Wrong With Your Loved One's Cabinets?

Many people with special needs or disabilities require handicap-assessable kitchens in their homes. However, not all kitchens come equipped with the things disabled homeowners need, including easy-to-access cabinets.

Some cabinets in inaccessible kitchens can be too high to reach or use properly. The cabinets in inaccessible kitchens may also come with small handles and other hardware designs that make them difficult for some individuals to use.

The cabinets may also sit too close to the appliances in the kitchen, such as above the stove or right next to the refrigerator. Individuals with upper and lower mobility problems may struggle to navigate or access the cabinets in their kitchens.

If your loved one encounters the issues above, call an interior design company or designer today.

How Can an Interior Design Company Help?

An interior design company or designer can look through your kitchen and come up with ideas that work best for your loved one. The ideas may include designing and installing cabinets closer to the counters in the kitchen. The cabinets may also be larger and easier to reach from a wheelchair or walker. 

A company may also place larger handles and other hardware on the faces of the cabinets. The handles may come with decorative smooth surfaces or other features that make them easier to grasp comfortably. 

If space in the kitchen is limited, a design company can create additional space inside it for you. A company needs to remove or reposition the appliances in the kitchen to accommodate the new changes. If necessary, the company may select and use small appliances to create the space your loved one's cabinets need.

An interior designer may need to use or follow the guidelines set by ADA and other sources to complete the work in your family member's kitchen. The ADA, or the Americans with Disabilities Act, offers strong guidelines on how to make kitchens more assessable to special needs homeowners. If an interior design company needs to refer to the ADA, they'll inform you about it.

Create the cabinets your loved one needs by contacting an interior design company like ML Interiors Group.