Simple Tips To Save Money On A New Wood Fence

25 May 2023
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From keeping your dogs from escaping your backyard to enjoying some much-needed privacy, there are several benefits to installing a fence. Wood fences have always been a popular choice and for good reason. Wood fences are easy to maintain, can enhance the look of your backyard, and even add value to your property. If you want to install a wood fence but assume this dream is out of your price range, there are ways you can enjoy the benefits of a wood fence for less. 

Here are a few simple ways to save big money on a new wood fence.

Shop Around for a Great Price

Before you assume that installing the fence yourself can save you money, think again. It takes a special set of skills, tools, and equipment to install a wood fence. Look for a professional that offers a fair price, but also has a reputation for doing quality work. Hiring a fencing contractor with less experience who offers a cheaper price might seem like a great idea. Unfortunately, what typically ends up happening is you will be forced to replace your fencing much sooner because the original product was not installed correctly.

Opt for a More Cost-Effective Wood Variety

Several varieties of wood are great options for your backyard fence, including cedar. Unfortunately, while cedar is a highly desired type of wood, it is also very expensive. Instead, choose a more cost-effective type of wood. For example, treated lumber or treated pine wood fence will look beautiful, be easy to maintain, and last for several decades. Remember, you can always stain the wood to mimic the look of natural cedar.

Consider a Shorter Fence

You cannot beat the beauty of a wood fence. Another reason many homeowners choose wood over other options, including vinyl or chain-link, is because of privacy. However, before you assume you need to erect a massive, tall fence to enjoy ultimate privacy, think again. The higher the fence, the more expensive it will be to install and maintain. Instead, choose a shorter fence that allows you to enjoy your privacy without breaking the bank.

Ask A Neighbor to Share the Cost of the Installation

If a portion of the fence is on a shared property line, ask your neighbor to split the costs. This will allow you to enjoy the privacy that comes with a wood fence for far less.

From splitting the costs with a neighbor to looking around for a great deal, there are several easy ways to save big on your backyard wood fence.

Contact a local fence service to learn more.