Designing A Rustic Farmhouse Home? 3 Must-Have Light Fixtures To Include

4 August 2016
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Decorating and furnishing your home can be challenging due to the different styles and designs that are available in stores. From minimalistic and modern to country and luxurious, it is easy to see how finding your preferred style can be overwhelming. Thankfully, opting for the farmhouse design is smart, since it is growing in popularity due to its casual appeal and affordability. If you are currently styling your home with elements that would appear in an antique farmhouse, consider using these must-have light fixtures for added appeal and function. Read More 

Lusting To Install Hardwood Flooring, But Your Dog Disagrees? 4 Ways To Help Your Dog Acclimate

17 April 2015
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Canine pet parents often find themselves making sacrifices to keep their pets safe and comfortable. Maybe you give in and allow your snoring dog to share the couch, or cheerfully opt to forego a weekend trip because the preferred dog sitter is unavailable. However, denying yourself the pleasure of beautiful hardwood flooring is one sacrifice you shouldn't have to make, even if your canine housemate views them as a terrifying surface to be avoided at all costs. Read More