4 Luxurious Ways To Up Your Home Theater Game

16 March 2017
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Adding a home theater to your home is one of the most popular luxury interior design options. But do you want to personalize it and make it even more fun? Here are four top ways to design a luxurious and thematic home cinema.

Movie Theme. Whatever particular genre, franchise, or movie you're a big fan of, you can design a theater homage to it. Big Star Wars fan? Design a space-themed (or Death Star-themed) ceiling and walls, then decorate with wall art from your favorite films of the trilogy... or a multi-colored set of lightsabers! Add a few props, such as life size collectibles of Yoda or Boba Fett, to greet guests. More of a Western fan? Create an Old West theater style with can stage lights and tasseled curtains around the big screen. Decorate with props and art from classic Western films (like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and stars.

Old Hollywood Glamor. Revisit the golden days of the cinema with a vintage Hollywood theme. Start with a marquee entrance -- perhaps with a real red carpet -- and "coming attractions" signs. Enter into a room with real theater chairs, softly plush, and a big screen with a real, red velvet curtain you can open and close. In the back, add a chic bar for serving Martinis and other cocktails to guests. Top it off with a gourmet popcorn station and your own stars on a family Walk of Fame.

Add Comforts. If you want a comfortable place to sit back and relax, you may want to skip the 'real theater' feel and go with a homey vibe instead. You can accessorize your interior design with anything that makes you want to curl up and watch a good movie, such as large motorized recliners, fun bean bag chairs, conveniently-placed mini fridges, or even a cozy fireplace. Place the seating in a curved outline that allows guests to enjoy each other's company as well as the big screen.

Theater Homage. Why not spice up your home theater by creating an homage to a real one? Whether it's a classic theater like the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood (add your own handprints outside!) or the timeless Globe Theater of Shakespeare's time, you can copy your favorite -- from anywhere in history or around the world -- to make a stunning home cinema design.

No matter what direction you want to take your home theater, you and an interior designer from a company like Raquel Garcia Design can take it to the next level with any of these fanciful and gorgeous themes.