Highlighting The Architecture In Your Home With Elegance

11 May 2017
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Do you have a home with beautiful interior architecture? Perhaps your rooms have vaulted ceilings, archways and molding. If your home has such architectural qualities, you want to highlight them without going over the top. The key is to keep a restrained hand so your interior decorating is still elegant.

Start Monochromatic

Painting a room shades of the same color always gives a chic effect. Choose a light color to keep the space open and airy. You should also stick to neutral colors to keep the space from feeling too ornate, especially if you have a lot of trim. White is a classic, and you can certainly paint your walls and ceiling all white. However, shades of beige or gray are also sophisticated paint colors.

Accent Some Molding

The goal is to highlight your home's beautiful architecture, and that includes the molding. If your room has a lot of trim, you don't want to paint it all a complementary color. Instead, choose trim that highlights the architecture. For example, draw the eye up by accenting crown molding near the ceiling. You don't want to be too bold with your color choice if restrained elegance is desired. For example, the Architectural Digest describes a room with trim that's just a little darker than the walls, adding that the effect is depth without flash.

Draw Attention to the Ceiling

The ceiling is an important aspect of your home's interior architecture. If it doesn't already feature trim, consider having some installed. For example, box beams can give your ceiling a charming coffered effect. You can also accent your light fixture with a ceiling medallion or ceiling dome. Concerning the paint, you can opt to keep the entire ceiling your neutral base, or you can highlight the trim with your accent color.

Use Lighting to Effect

Speaking of light fixtures, lighting is another method for complementing the architecture in your home. You can start with a statement light fixtures, such as a chandelier or series of pendant lights. However, accent lighting is the best way to point out your home's interior architecture. You can use recessed lights to illuminate niches or track lights to draw attention to molding. Add lighting that creates a beautiful interplay of light and shadow.

Hang Simple Artwork

If you want the décor to draw attention to your house's architecture, then look for minimalistic artwork. For example, frame an oversized abstract print in a simple frame, and hang it on a large wall. The goal here is to let the geometry of the framed print draw attention to some beauty in your room's architecture.

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