Is Your Interior Décor Ready for Fall and Winter?

2 November 2020
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Is your home's interior décor ready for the cold days of fall and winter? If you're not sure, here are a few ways to get it ready for the change in seasons.

1. Focus on the Entries

The entry points of the home are the transition spots between the blustery elements outside and the warm, clean home inside. Therefore, these rooms should be able to provide a place where people can stop and transition.

Is there room for people to shed and store coats, boots, umbrellas, scarves, and hats? Can they sit down to remove wet shoes or boots? What about storage spots for things like outside mail, keys, and masks without traipsing through the house? If not, invest some time into making a great entryway. 

2. Make Things Cozy

Fall and winter weather make people want to come inside and settle down in a welcoming environment. Cozy up your public and private spaces so they generate both physical warmth and metaphorical warmth. You might add fluffy blankets and pillows, lay down some cozy rugs, or install softer lighting. And make sure your fireplace works — or better yet, add one in a room that doesn't already enjoy the warmth of flames. 

3. Add Practical Warmth

A fireplace does more than just make a room appear cozy. It can also make it physically warmer and more comfortable. Similarly, practical measures like insulated drapes and curtains help keep the warmth inside your home. Look for ways to complement your interior design with winter practicalities, such as moving furniture away from cold windows or outside walls. 

4. Prepare to Entertain

The holiday season is particularly popular for entertaining guests, so make preparations to have people over in different combinations and settings. This might mean updating your dining room for holiday dinners. Or it could mean improving the kitchen so you can cook for those large parties. It might also include outfitting a proper guest bedroom for visitors or installing a gaming system to keep the kids occupied during their time off. It all depends on what entertaining means to you personally. 

The best time to make your home ready for cold weather and houseguests is before either one arrives on your doorstep. Need more help preparing things? Start by making an appointment with an interior designer in your area today. And then you can get back to planning for the best fall and winter season ever.