Are Your Parents Moving In? Hire An Interior Designer To Help

2 December 2022
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While living in a home you own, you may invite your parents to move in. Going through this process can lead to a noticeable lifestyle change for everyone involved. Along with giving your parents their own bedroom, you may want them to have a stress-free and easy transition.

Moving around furniture and decorations on your own is something you can do. Another option is to hire an interior designer who can use their expertise and skills to produce amazing results.


One of the most important parts of accommodating your parents is providing suitable furniture pieces and arrangements. For instance, your existing setup may not allow your parents to get around easily if they use a walker or wheelchair to help with mobility. An interior designer will know how to change furniture pieces and work on room layouts to fit these devices easily.

Sometimes, you may need to replace furniture or pick up new pieces. A potential change worth considering is cutting down on furniture with sharp edges because they increase injury risk. To maximize safety, you can pick up a coffee table and side tables with rounded edges.

Another detail to think about is seating capacity. For instance, your existing furniture may accommodate your family and a couple of guests. Adding your parents to the household means you may need to add new furniture or replace the living room sofa to seat more people.


Decorations throughout your house are a reliable way to add visual interest and beauty. While you may not plan to change your interior style to match your parents' style, you might want to incorporate some of their own decorations around the house. So, you can get them to pick out their favorite pieces, and an interior designer can fit them with your own decorations.

Their bedroom is where you can fit most or all their other decorations, depending on how many pieces they plan on bringing when they move. A designer will ensure that wall-mounted decorations are secure and in areas where your parents cannot damage or knock them over. 


When your parents downsize from their home, you may know that they will bring more belongings than a bedroom can fit. An interior designer can alleviate some storage capacity issues by investing in storage solutions and optimizing the layout to maximize storage. They can also make changes around the house to improve storage capacity for everyone.

Get help from an interior designer to enjoy a smooth process with your parents moving in.