Redecorating Your Home? 3 Simple Steps To Keep Your Budget Under Control

20 September 2017
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There's always something exciting about redecorating your home. Not only do you end up with a fresh new look in your home, but you also get to shop for all those little details that will give you the look you're aiming for. Unfortunately, redecorating your home can also be a big hassle, especially when you fail to plan properly. When that happens, you could end up with a house that's not finished, and a budget that's been blown all out of proportion. Read More 

Important Tips For Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments

27 July 2017
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The kitchen is a highly functional room, being the site of food preparation, clean up and even dining. The kitchen is also often a gathering place for friends and family beyond dining. As such, you want your window treatments to be as stylish as they are functional. Choose window treatments that stand up to the conditions of your kitchen while providing an attractive profile. Consider Utility Needs Besides decoration, the main purposes of window treatments are privacy and light control. Read More 

Important Ways An Interior Designer Can Help You

20 June 2017
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For many individuals, it can be easy for them to have difficulty with maximizing the interior space of their business or home. Individuals that are facing these problems may find that using an interior designer can be an excellent way of achieving their desired goals for the interior of their building. Unfortunately, some individuals may not realize the various ways that an interior designer can help them, which can lead to them overlooking hiring these services. Read More 

Highlighting The Architecture In Your Home With Elegance

11 May 2017
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Do you have a home with beautiful interior architecture? Perhaps your rooms have vaulted ceilings, archways and molding. If your home has such architectural qualities, you want to highlight them without going over the top. The key is to keep a restrained hand so your interior decorating is still elegant. Start Monochromatic Painting a room shades of the same color always gives a chic effect. Choose a light color to keep the space open and airy. Read More 

4 Luxurious Ways To Up Your Home Theater Game

16 March 2017
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Adding a home theater to your home is one of the most popular luxury interior design options. But do you want to personalize it and make it even more fun? Here are four top ways to design a luxurious and thematic home cinema. Movie Theme. Whatever particular genre, franchise, or movie you're a big fan of, you can design a theater homage to it. Big Star Wars fan? Design a space-themed (or Death Star-themed) ceiling and walls, then decorate with wall art from your favorite films of the trilogy. Read More